Lord Martial Tir Calen Cluine endlessly patrols the Midgardian Veldt for exiles, fugitives and spies from the Twilight Realms.
1 Archons – Cluine discovers a Vampire, a Werewolf and a frightened Girl.
2 The Highroad – Cluine finds three Krampai fleeing with Midgardian loot.
3 Hell Gate – Cluine faces four fat Goblins in a cemetery.
4 Burning Bridges – A Fire Demon holds fairy hostage over a swollen river.
5 Wizard’s Tower – Cluine interrupts a dragon-egg trafficking-ring.
6 The Dual – Cluine encounters Dalran in a riverbed in Feudal Nippon.
7 The High Priestess leads a Troll, a Giant, and an Orc on thin chains.
8 Suffocation Canyon – Cluine is chased into a narrow canyon by a Legion.
9 Two Horses and a Cart – Cluine finds a recently raided Royal Carriage.
10 Leprechauns versus Lawn Gnomes on a Scottish Green.
11 One Day in My Garden – Feed all while killing none.
12 The Bazaar – Free the slaves to do as they wish.
13 The Moat – The Shield as a Skim-Boat across the Moat.
14 Keep Hope Alive – A Coven of Reptilians gather for a Sacrifice.
15 M O O N S P A C E – Why is there a portal on the Moon?