Combat Challenge Cards – Picture Puzzle Pocket RPG
RedRum for your Eyes – Five Minute Murder

Upcoming Campaigns
Archons – Lord Martial Tir Calen Cluine, a Valinorian Prince assigned to patrol the Midgardian Veldt for trespassers from the Twilight Realms.
Spartacus – The Spartan Gladiator leads a Slave Revolt in Ancient Rome.
Locksley – Robin of Locksley leads a Peasant Revolt in Medieval England.
d’Ark – Jean of Ark leads a Catholic Army against Protestant England.
Bonney – Billy the Kid leads a Gang of Outlaws in the Old West.
Collins – Michael Collins leads a Partisan Revolt in Revolutionary Ireland.
Holmes – Sherlock Holmes investigates political corruption in London.
Greystoke – John Clayton subjugates the Savage Beasts of Africa.
Cain – Christian Cain pursues the Enemies of God across Space and Time.
Drake – Sir Francis Drake plunders the New World for Golden Treasure.
Hattori – Hattori Hanzo leads Ninja Warriors against a Corrupt Shogun
Musashi – Myamoto Musashi faces all challengers at anytime or place.

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